Friday, March 20, 2009

No BRT - Every Taxi Driver for Himself

Here's an example of how selfish and greedy our South African brothers are. James Kunstler recently confirmed the chronic lack of public transport, and yet here are the taxi drivers threatening violence to protect their own livelihoods and to hell with the rest. This sort of thing makes me ashamed to be a South African. The shortsightedness is disgusting.
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The battle lines are drawn between the City of Johannesburg and taxi operators over the issue of the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit system.

The first phase, which runs between Soweto and Johannesburg city centre, is intended to be in place in May, before the start of the Confederations Cup in June.

In another effort to stop the City of Joburg council from implementing the integrated transport system, taxi operators yesterday told their supporters at a meeting in Soweto that they had sought legal assistance to halt the process.

Addressing a packed Orlando Hall, Utaf spokesperson Ralph Jones said: “This is our business. We will protect it to the fullest. BRT will affect us all, whether you are a long distance, local or short distance operator.

City of Johannesburg’s head of transport Rehana Moosajee said they would not be stopped by taxi people because BRT would benefit all residents.
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