Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson dies of injuries

NVDL: I wonder what actually happened. If it was on a beginner's slope it's unlikley she gathered a lot of speed unless she'd gone over the side of a slope. Perhaps she banged her head but hard enough to cause haemoraging which would then have caused pressure and created a stroke-scenario. Shows you how fragile life is, and how suddenly things can change. She died at 45.
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She fell on a beginners slope near Montreal during a ski lesson Monday and initially appeared coherent, but an hour later she complained of a headache. As her condition worsened dramatically, she was flown to a hospital near her home in New York City, where her family gathered.

Ms. Richardson may have been overshadowed by the public profile of her family, particularly her mother, but she was widely respected for the high quality and versatility of her performances.

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