Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lance Armstrong breaks his collarbone - but 'clean break' could see him back in action soon

Astana team leader Johan Bruyneel said on his Twitter feed that there were no complications in the break, and suggested Armstrong could be back riding soon.

"Clean collarbone fracture," Bruyneel said. "Should be fast recovery."

"Toward the end of the race people started getting excited, a bit of wind, some hills and everybody wanting to be at the front," he said. "A couple of guys crashed in front of me, I crossed my wheel, then I hit them and over the top."

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Lance Armstrong of the U.S. is seen in an ambulance as he arrives at Hospital

BALTANAS, Spain – Lance Armstrong fractured his collarbone Monday during a race in Spain, leaving in question his participation in the Tour de France in July. The seven-time Tour champion said he will fly to the United States and meet with medical experts to decide whether he needs surgery. "We'll go from there," he said. "I think for the Tour it's a very big problem."

In a statement released later Monday, the 37-year-old said he had "been lucky to avoid one of the most common cycling injuries" in his 17-year career.

"Lance was involved in a huge crash as the road narrowed and became very rough," Leipheimer wrote. "He wasn't far from the front, as he was riding top 10 all day."

Armstrong said the crash was no one's fault.

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