Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If Zuma = Thug Then Voters for Zuma = The Supporters of Thugs?

It is a concern when you see that Zuma's popularity has increased to 58% amongst African voters. You have to wonder if there is corruption throughout the police, the Scorpion cancelled, and every other day either a judge or a politician caught out in some scam what voters think they can gain by voting thugs into power. The Zimbabwe example is a good one. It is only a small elite group who benefit from being in Mugabe's inner circle while the vast majority of Zimbabweans suffer. Surely the South African population is smarter than this? Surely the promise of a box of smarties and songs of machione guns isn't enough to sway the mob from morals to manipulating empty promises? Well if the American mob was dumb enough to elect Bush twice, I'm sure we may need to make some serious voting mistakes too before we opt for 'Real Change'.
clipped from www.thetimes.co.za
There was never any doubt in my mind that the Zuma-led ANC would stop at nothing to let Zuma off. Perhaps no one was more correct and prescient than the cartoonist Zapiro when he depicted Zuma and his cronies raping the justice system. This is what he meant. He was right then and he is right now. The issue was never if they would do it, but when and how.
The firestorm has raged unabated through the weekend, with newspapers such as the Sunday Times taking the extraordinary step of placing an editorial on its front page denouncing the move.

Zuma must stand trial. If he has the goods on Mbeki and company, then he must give this evidence to the authorities to investigate .

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