Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If Seoul can do it, anyone can [E-Government]

I challenge every city in the world to aspire to be like Seoul and its e-government which is consistently named the best in the world for nine years in a row. - Ari Herzog

NVDL The future of government is...online. E-Government. The pioneers of this...South Korea, and principally, Seoul.
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After evaluating 100 cities with populations over 160,000 people, and ranking their e-government systems in terms of online privacy, usability, content, service, and citizen participation, Seoul was named number one.

You can see the top 10 cities here, according to a joint biennial study conducted by the e-Government Institute at Rutgers University and the Global e-Policy e-Government Institute at Sungkyunkwan University:

Top 10 cities in the world ranked by e-governance

Bar graph of e-governance in the worldIt doesn’t end there. The Intelligent Community Forum recently awarded the Gangnam District of Seoul as the most intelligent community of the year.

Seoul’s success — and Korea’s, as a nation, did not occur overnight. South African photojournalist Nick Van Der Leek recently visited the Republic of Korea, met with business leaders, and explains how Korea does it, citing their insular language, love of reading, hard-working ethic, and population density.

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