Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hollywood Magic moves Closer to Holodeck

Movies are really becoming the imagination incarnate. But the credit crunch is slowing that trend of innovation down.
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High-end filmmakers aren't just making movies these days. They're building virtual worlds before shooting a single frame of film, using digital tools that blur the lines between animation and live-action, virtual sets and physical soundstage, photorealistic cartoon characters and motion-captured human beings.

Over the past few years, digital moviemakers have mastered new technologies and learned to micromanage massive teams in order to bring complex collaborative visions to the screen. The goal: to create truly immersive movies that knock the socks off even the most jaded moviegoer.

Unlike previous 3-D cartoons, Monsters vs. Aliens was conceptualized from the get-go as a story designed for depth.

"It's a whole new language," Katzenberg said of the powerful new tools at filmmakers' disposal. "It's going to have to be learned and taught."


DreamWorks' McNally predicts an ever-escalating succession of mind-blowing spectacle.

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