Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From Peak Oil to peak Lithium - from Petrol Pollution to Electric Cars powered by Coal Burning Power Stations

NVDL: The solution lies in less motoring, not more. And for less motoring, we need new living arrangements. Multi-disciplinary walkable environments - where work, residence and leisure are combined in the same setting.
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"The people of the world will drive some two billion cars by 2030, up from roughly 700 million today. One of the leading hopes for avoiding greenhouse gas overload from all those tailpipe emissions is electric cars.From the Chevy Volt to the Tesla Roadster, cars that run on battery power rather than gasoline are fueling hopes for a cleaner transportation future. Even if we switched all U.S. cars to run on electricity from coal-fired power plants we'd emit less than we do now, according to a study from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.But, in terms of economics, are we trading peak oil for peak lithium? Lithium is, obviously, a primary component of the lithium ion batteries powering the first generation of electric cars. The bulk of it is found in Bolivia.
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