Friday, March 20, 2009

Cradle City Gauteng’s future ‘green city’

NVDL: In this week's Financial Mail there is also talk of hermetically (hermitically) sealing off Cradle City if local authorities are not able to deal with crime in Gauteng. The idea would be that it be a fairly exclusive economic zone, an island of commerce, with strict entry limits imposed on Greater Johannesburg. In my opinion, if this happens, I'd like to go and live there. So much for an integrated society - but if integration means getting murdered in your own home, I'd rather go green with like minded people. Vegetables, anyone?
BUSINESS PARK<br />The R240-million business park

The development of the R240-million Cradle City Business Park on a 78,9-ha site surrounding Lanseria International Airport, north of Johannesburg, which has received financial backing from Nedbank, is seen as the first step in the creation of a far larger property development.

The vision for Cradle City is to create a mixed-use precinct which will provide the opportunity to live, work, play and travel in an integrated environment which embraces new urban design and green building principles.

“Sustainability demands that urban development is more compact, avoiding the urban sprawl that has been prevalent in South Africa and establishing a quality living and working environment,” says Amari development director Markus Kaps.

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