Sunday, March 29, 2009

Apple has model for monetising social media

Apple isn’t a social media company, so why does it get a spot on this list? The answer is the wild success of the iPhone application store. Apple has succeeded where Facebook has not - in monetizing third party applications. On top of that, it has created a vibrant marketplace for mobile social media. -
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How can any company make money with a social graph? Is advertising really the answer? But perhaps the more pertinent question is this: who will be the innovator that leads the way in monetizing social media? Google was a trendsetter that sparked an advertising revolution. Will there be another trendsetter like Google? Let’s look at some of the top candidates:
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Facebook, which now has well over 175 million users, has been a poster child for success in the world of social media. However, despite a torrent of growth, it has not been able to keep its revenues ahead of its bulging technology costs.
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TwitterTwitter reviewsTwitter reviews has raised a warchest of funding and sworn to make 2009 the year it implements a business model. It has already begun to insert 3rd party applications in a space on the homepage, and it appears almost certain there will be some form of paid accounts. The question now is whether individuals and businesses will pay for Twitter accounts, and if so how much.
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