Saturday, February 28, 2009

You're not losing weight because your workouts aren't working - here's why

Variety, rest and hard work - these are key.
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Your time is valuable, and for each
precious moment you put into your workouts, you want to ensure you
get the best possible return on your investment. So, are you
getting the results you want? If your body isn't as lean or
toned as you'd like, it may be that you're committing some
key training mistakes, which can sabotage the efforts of even
veteran exercisers.
1. The faux pas Getting married to your strength

2. The faux pas Performing your reps too
The facts If you zoom through your repetitions
when strength training, you'll be using momentum instead of
muscle power. You won't get the same stimulus for muscle
building, and you won't burn as many calories. You'll also
be more susceptible to training injuries such as torn muscles or
connective tissue.

3. The faux pas Exercising too hard, too

7 more reasons your workout isn't working can be found

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