Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wrestlers and Wankers - you're what's wrong with the world

I've just watched the movie The Wrestler, and it is a tragic story of decay... One reviewer gets it 100% with the following: "...this is the story of a man who battles his way into mediocre old age and gets nowhere."

I can commiserate. It's tough. Some people spitefully sabotage your efforts. What do you do? Cut off your thumb and throw a tantrum? There really are grown up people in corporate environments who behave like kindergarten brats - tattle tailing and scheming and manipulating and marketing. All the bullshit adds up to is egotistic narcissism. They'll talk up 'Company Policy' and 'serving the brand' but it's really all hypocritical bullshit.

In the end there's just a large amount of collective greed going on. Look out for number one. Don't employ common sense, don't even ask: "Is this right; is this good (for business, for the team), does this help in the scheme of things, does this promote the human condition." Most people feel they are paid not to entertain those thoughts. We live in a world that lacks imagination, and lacks the ability to be human beings. We resemble more machine like parasites that form co-operative clans. We - most of us - consciously neglect our duty to live. If you smoked a cigarette today my finger is pointing right in your eye.

In the coming elections in South Africa, racist political parties will do the best. Of course they claim not to be racist, and call on anyone who makes some sort of politically incorrect/racist slight. But in reality those who demonstrate the most fairness will be discriminated against the most as NOT favouring certain groups. This is what happened to Lekota - he spoke out against BEE and sang an Afrikaans song. His constituents - blacks - didn't like that.
He wasn't racist enough against the Afrikaners/oppressor.

The ANC will remain in power as long as they can promise to favour their constituents. This is hardly the ANC Mandela had in mind; which saw equality across racial, religious and gender lines. The ruling party is simply the party that favors the masses, and will be voted for by the majority, and then they will continue to simply favor themselves. This is the real world.

The Wrestler flick is "truthful" and "unflinching" but you may walk out of the cinema sucker punched out of the ironic final chortle you were hoping for. Life can be like that - real disappointing. Real life doesn't always have a happy ending. Sometimes it degrades into a woeful, desperate final dirge. And sometimes, worst of all, it's exactly the result of a large bunch of adults behaving like kindergarten brats while the world around them goes to hell. This is the price for our reckless, feckless ignorance and self-indulgence.

The Wrestler is about dereliction of duty - where our duty is to live, it is about the shipwrecking of hope. Often, it may not seem right, but it appears to do get what we deserve.

Right now the world is a mess. On this blog I post a lot of content about the economic conundrum, health tips, motivation, some humor, some 'green' topics. All of that goes over the ducks back. Have a look at the clipped section below. This represents the most popular content today. It's almost all smut. Given the state that the world is in, I guess the amount of interest in smut is hardly surprising. Most people's minds are in the gutter, and probably will remain there come hell and high water.

Probably, 6 of 7 people need a very good bath on this planet...the sort of bath provided by fire, and war, and pestilence. This is something Nature is bound to inflict on us and us on ourselves - so please don't call me a sociopath. I care about a lot of things; but I find it hard to care about people who have chronic attention disorder for the duration of their lives. And the rest have Ego Stimulation Disorder - which is an unnatural appetite for being found attractive, and being spoiled and pampered and to 'feel' like a celebrity, courting large amounts of attention based on the car you dress yourself in, the house you wear, and the clothes you drive.
Remember in The Dark Knight, the Joker burns a pile of money and says, "Everything burns...all you care about is money...this city deserves a better class of criminal."
Well, from what you see, EVERY BODY is burning. Burning with sex and desire for salacious, seedy, gossip and sexy drivel. That is what entertains the majority of people on the internet.
On the list below, only the bottom 2 stories inspire any sense of hope, or inspiration, or concern.
Together they make up less than 6% of the 'interest' on this blog.
This means that personally I believe I'd find 94% of the visitors to this blog lacking in discernment, and discipline, and in a word, disgusting.

So, by addressing Wrestlers and Wankers I believe I'm addressing every human being (including myself). Catch a fucking wake up call.

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