Monday, February 23, 2009

The View from my (and Lance's) Bicycle [COLUMN]

Yep, that very large creature crushing the small ride bicycle was me a few months ago. I weighed in at around 85-86kg. I'm now less than 79kg, something I achieved in 6 weeks of decent training. I shudder to look at this picture though, although looking at it confirms to me what I don't want!

Go Gently - and Don't Panic

We often have an 'all or nothing, us versus them, do or die' mentality, when there are - of course - a host of other options. It is far less strenuous, or difficult, or stressful, to gradually change ourselves and our circumstances, than to do so suddenly (and probably not be able to keep it up).

There are times when I feel loathe to train. Sometimes it is laziness, sometimes it is one getting stale - a sort of boredom setting in. When I say 'go gently', what I mean is, one doesn't have to force oneself back into a scenario of training (or living) if it doesn't feel right. But if you care enough about not doing something that you think you should be doing, then starting slowly and allowing yourself time to warm up to an idea is often very worthwhile.

I liken this sort of thing to water - a small stream - flowing through dry sand. It inches its way, but each inch leaves behind a trail which allows the water to follow to slide over more easily...inducing FLOW.
It is not a good idea to do nothing. This is the opposite of flow - drying up, desiccation etc.

In order to find flow you have to find something (worthwhile) in yourself, or in your environment, or both to focus on. I can't tell you what that is, only you will know.

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