Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stop being entertained by our peril and start taking action

Adolfo Doring's astute, thoughtful portrait BLIND SPOT has enough sweeping visuals to offset the barrage of scientific talking heads. In other words, it makes "An Inconvenient Truth" look like a sitcom.
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There is no panic in this film just an absolute and stark reality that we either choose to face or not. Either way the film tells us it’s coming and as one environmental advocate quotes nature as saying (and I paraphrase) either you do it or I will and if I do it I’ll remove things and most of them will be you. If you want to actuate change in your life and behaviors then you quickly need to accept that it will take rigorous honesty, hard work and sacrifice any less and you don’t get half, you get nothing. This is the societal position we have reached in Blind Spot and its all or nothing.
You should see this film and your public television station should be giving you access to it. Perhaps you should consider making a call or sending an email to your local public access channel asking them to show this important documentary. You aren’t going to like the message but, as the film conveys, its way past time so sit down and listen.
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