Friday, February 20, 2009

South African Farm Attacks - an invisible genocide on the Afrikaner

Invisible because we're seeing less of these attacks reported, and there appears to be a 'silence is consent' response from the government. How far is South Africa from being a completely lawless country? The danger of course is when those at the top become corrupt, that the whole country then effectively becomes criminalised. It does seem as though corruption is now commonplace; even the judiciary and the police force is difficult to trust.
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Genocide Watch is an international organization based in the United States which attempts to predict, prevent, limit, eliminate, and punish genocides throughout the world through reporting, public awareness campaigns, and judicial or quasi-judicial follow-up. This can include trials in national justice systems, special national and international tribunals, the International Criminal Court, and truth and reconciliation commissions.

Genocide Watch was founded by Gregory Stanton. The Watch organization is the founder and chair of the International Campaign to End Genocide, initiated in The Hague in May 1999. On their webpage in 2006, Genocide Watch explains the ICEG this way:

“Never again” has turned into “Again and again.”[1]

They have also spoken out against the South African government and their allegedly poor stance on South African farm attacks.

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