Friday, February 20, 2009

South Africa Most Addicted Dagga Users in the World [+SAA JOKE]

SAA has decided to change its name and logo. From now on it will be ZOL, and the logo will be a dagga leaf. The slogan. "We offer you an alternative to the Mile High Club."

Seriously though, some of the reasons crime in this country is as bad as it is is due to the levels of alcoholism and drug addiction in this country. Both are way above normal.
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Dagga remains the most used drug in South Africa even though amphetamine-type stimulants like tik pose the greatest threat, the Central Drug Authority said yesterday.

“Cannabis (dagga) abuse in South Africa is twice the global norm,” CDA deputy chairperson David Bayever said.

While the international norm was 4 percent, in South Africa just over 8 percent of the population used dagga, he said.

“If Southern Africa does not take control of chemical precursor as an important issue there is going to be a big problem,” he said. – Sapa

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Chris J said...

About 9% since round 2008, and who knows what the real statistics are. Free the weed.