Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SAA Pilots feel "incredible anger and frustration" - why would you like a drug mule license or are you suffering from withdrawal?

What's missing from this guy's epistle is any sense of responsibility. He just moans about the inconvenience like a spoiled brat. Why does someone get booked for a crime? Either because a crime was committed or because there is a high probability that a crime was committed. The pilot doesn't seem to care about this aspect at all. Errrr....if I was any foreign country allowing South Africans in I'd be inclined to give them some extra security attention. The attitude of the pilot - anger - should be directed at the rascals who run amuck in the South African airports and airplanes as though these were crime centres or launching pads for drug trafficking rather than commercial transport hubs.
We, the Pilots, were outraged and furious, as one could only imagine. There are no words that I can write here to describe the rage that started building in us. A lengthy process of individual luggage searches and body searches was then carried out.
After repeated appeals by the Captain for the culprit to come forward, we were bussed to a "holding facility" ( read jail ) which was about ten minutes to the northwest of Heathrow. We arrived here at about 11:30(z), and this was when the full gravity of the situation hit home. As we entered through huge security gates, a warden came to the drivers window: "How many prisoners do you have?" he asked.
As I described earlier, the incredible anger and frustration during this whole ordeal was overbearing and exhausting. Various messages from colleagues, family and friends via voice mail and sms were well received. We have all been struggling to sleep, probably from the stress, but are very pleased to be home

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