Monday, February 23, 2009

Results for Joburg City Tri Series 2008 / 2009

Annoyingly, despite forking out R30 for a chip (#0800) there is no recording/reading of 0800 in the results.

At a guess I did a 2:20 or 2:19, with a 23 minute swim, 1:02/3 cycle and a 55 minute run. I think I can take 5-7 minutes off my run time, 1-2 minutes off my swim, and 1 minute off my bike. Would like to do this in 2:10 (and preferably have official stats to prove it.

My HR monitor graph is below.

Average HR is 155, with maximum at 161. What I find amazing is that of the 3 sports, my heart rate on the run (right hand side of graph is the lowest. I obviously need to put in a bit more effort!
I was ahead of Rossouw 1 and 2 on the bike course on the bike course
MY HRM stopped at 2:10 near the end of the run so am missing around 6-10 minutes of recording time.
Joburg City Tri Series 2008 / 2009
Event # 3

Download the results here.

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