Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oscar Pissed-torius not 'rat faced' - so how do you crash a boat into the pier of a river?

It's not very easy to crash a boat. For one thing there's less traffic on rivers and even if you make a mistake, the water acts as a sort of cushion. You've got to be pretty out of your skull to drive head first into the side of the river, and insodoing smash your face against the dashboard of the boat.

Apparently Pistorius was as sobre as a nun. I guess the bottles of alcohol in the boat were filled with water. Meanwhile the "athlete’s friends and family appeared to be ’rat faced’ when they arrived on the scene" according to the report below.

Guys, we admire this guy for making something of his life, his determination. But he's also a human being who makes some mistakes, some of them quite dumb and not worthy of hero worship. Get over yourselves. Meanwhile, Nike must be wondering about their sponsorship.
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The agent of Oscar Pistorius has expressed confidence that there is enough evidence to show that 'blade runner' was not drinking when he crashed his boat.

Eyewitnesses at the scene of the accident said friends and family who rushed to help him, appeared to be very drunk.

Police also confirmed that alcohol bottles were found in the paralympic star’s boat when it was recovered from the bottom of the Vaal River.

At this stage there is no evidence to show that Pistorius had been drinking at the time of his crash.

However, eyewitnesses said the athlete’s friends and family appeared to be ’rat faced’ when they arrived on the scene.
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