Sunday, February 22, 2009

LightLane's Lasers Make an Instant Bike Lane

Cool idea!
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Fed up with seeing friends getting clipped by cars, the designers at Altitude combined two things we love -- bikes and lasers -- to create an instant bike lane and make nighttime cycling a whole lot safer.

Their bike-mounted gadget, called LightLane, beams two bright red lines and the universal symbol for cyclist on the pavement, neatly delineating a bike lane to remind motorists to yield a little space. It should make everyone feel a little more comfort on the road.

one of the biggest benefits of bicycle lanes is that there is an established
common boundary that both drivers and riders respect and must stay
within," designer

It should cost around $50, and we think it's the best idea for a laser since Andy Samberg put one on a cat.

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