Friday, February 20, 2009

Lance on Twitter - says stage was 'boring, easy,' ready for Time Trial on recovered bike [UPDATES]

It's amazing to get Lance's thoughts firsthand in REAL TIME.
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  • Lance Armstronglancearmstrong Now in the car with Levi and crew driving to Solvang to preview the tt course early tomorrow am.
  • Lance Armstronglancearmstrong Getting a massage now. This Genius feature on the ipod is great, eh? Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Cat Power, The National, Sufjan.
  • Lance Armstronglancearmstrong And by the way, I'm riding the recovered (previously stolen) tt bike tomorrow. It seems to be in fine shape.
  • Lance Armstronglancearmstrong Congrats to Cavendish on winning another stage. Kid's fast..
  • Lance Armstronglancearmstrong Done with stage 5 here. Fairly easy. Actually long and boring! Better than cold rain tho. Tomorrow's a big day so we'll see.
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