Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lance: After this [comeback] I'm going to do the fast as I can!

THAT is gonna be cool. Lance is a natural Ironman.
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Lance Amrstrong

What do you listen to when you're training?
I don't listen to music on the bike. I do in the gym. The best is when you're warming up. I listen to some hard stuff. Rage Against the Machine, that would be the primo warm up music. Lately I've been listening to, just in the house, the new Ryan Adams, the new Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters. Always the Foo Fighters. You could throw on that Zeppelin they did a year ago, that remixed version. That's great for getting in the gym and hitting it hard.

Will you ever do the Ironman? You've got a lot of triathlon fans out their desperate for an answer.
Yeah. Whenever I'm done with this [comeback]. I can unequivocally say yes to that. That's a fact. And I get asked that question every day. I don't know when it was, less than a year ago, that I got some of these Ironman DVDs. I said, Let's see what that's all about. So we've been watching them for the past year. I'm definitely motivated to do an Ironman.
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