Thursday, February 26, 2009

Korean Rail System To Include Longest Underwater Tunnel

Big project, but will it fly? Er..."fly" may be the wrong word, but you get my drift.

The current record holder is Japan's Seikan Tunnel (53.85Km) which crosses Tsugaru Strait, followed by Channel Tunnel (50.45Km).

The Institute stresses that it will enhance the overall economy of the existing Honam Line since the KTX bullet trains will attract near 78 percent of air travelers to Jeju. Some 8.4 million travelers visited Jeju in 2007 and they traveled mostly by air according to the Institute.
Journey time from Seoul to Jeju by KTX bullet trains will be 2 hours 26 minutes, about an hour longer than the air travel. However, if you count in the time required for passenger check in, security check and heavy city traffic to local airports, the institute is convinced, KTX trains will compete fairly well with airlines.

Government auditors discovered this week potentially crippling cracks in the concrete sleeper ties installed in the extended track between Daegu and Pusan, which is currently under construction.
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