Thursday, February 19, 2009

Joost: 'That can't be me, his #@%$ is bigger than mine!'

De Villiers claimed certain “physical characteristics clearly differentiate Van der Westhuizen from the man in the video”.

These differences include a tattoo he claims to have on his buttocks and his reported assertion that the than his. - The

NVDL: I think it is scandalous that HEAT is offering their evidence to the press to act as experts. The media are biased since if this is a hoax, and I believe it is, less money would be involved... Sies newspapers!

Also: Was Oscar PISSED-torius?

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THE Joost van der Westhuizen sex tape saga descended into a tabloid frenzy yesterday as a celebrity magazine screened a grainy video purporting to show the former Springbok captain in compromising positions.

It claimed that the video proved conclusively that Van der Westhuizen had cheated on his wife, singer Amore Vittone.

But the magazine did not identify the woman and provided little corroborating evidence in the accompanying story.

Twelve print, radio and television journalists watched the man, whom Van der Westhuizen strongly denies is him, arousing himself, running his hands over the woman’s body, and using a sex toy.

“We infer that this is because heat considers the video to be a fabrication, as this is the only reason why the magazine would resist the technical analysis proposed by Mr Van der Westhuizen. Instead of experts, heat now appears to intend to have the media act as experts.”

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