Thursday, February 19, 2009

Motorists - be ready for fuel price hike! - Gas Prices Around the world are spiking at gas stations

Oil prices might be dropping, but gas (petrol) prices are beginning to climb at the pump. This is quite frightening. In South Africa too, fuel is being taxed to bring in government revenue.

Motorists warned to be ready for fuel price hike

DRIVERS face huge hikes in the price of petrol when the economy begins to recover, a report warned yesterday.

The cost of oil has plummeted recently, bringing some relief for hard-pressed motorists.

But the International Energy Authority warned there will be a serious "oil supply crunch" when business picks up.

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Petrol prices to rise again: servos

The Service Station Association says the falling price of West Texas crude oil will not bring any relief to Australian motorists who are looking for cheaper petrol.

But the price of Australian petrol hit a two-month high on Monday after five consecutive weeks of rises.

A recent rumor that petrol prices would increase from February 18 brought crowds of panic buyers at petrol stations in Ha Noi late evening February 17.

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