Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Four Signs He's Over You

I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years. I must say I recognise some of the symptoms from the way I have been treated by girls in the past. Can't say I have employed any of the tactics below in this recent breakup except maybe #3, though not in a tactical or manipulative way.
dating couple snuggles while the man looks unhappy
Sure, guys are supposed to be the tougher sex, but when it comes to breaking up with a chick, we turn into serious wusses. Of course, we know the right thing would be to sit you down and say, "Listen, it's over." But no -- instead,we use passive-aggressive tactics in the hopes that you'll hate us so much, you'll pull the plug first. Some clues your guy could be taking the coward's way out...
#1. He Doesn't Do What He Says He Will
#2. He Keeps Asking You, "Are We Okay?"
#3. He Makes You into the Bad Guy
#4. He Makes Comments About Attractive Women
Look, no guy is stupid enough to go on about how sensual some random chick is in front of his girlfriend... unless, of course, he's trying to be inconsiderate. "Once I knew it was over, I just stopped censoring myself," says David, 27.
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