Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Financial Recovery = Radical Transparency Now!

Um...I personally believe that the world financial system is wrecked. It's gone. There is some working detritus of the banking system that remains, notably here in South Africa. Not sure if that is enough...the world's money, the world's wealth, has been wiped out...and pretty quickly. And not a murmur from the Media before or after. Just questions...could there be a recession. Recession or depression. Who is to blame. When will we see a recovery. Very little insight into predicting this or even acknowledging it.
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The time to act is now. An exhaustive study by the Transparency Policy Project at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government—analyzing disclosure rules for everything from restaurant cleanliness to SUV rollover risk—found that there's a very brief window after any calamity for government to institute changes. (Wait too long and the special interests start regaining their confidence and pushing back.) In the financial world, the old order is still trying to find its new shape. So the window is, briefly, cracked. Caveat vendor.

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