Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bending the Curve - a guide to tackling Climate Change in South Africa

“What is needed now is a public groundswell - people acting themselves, but also demanding action from governments - and a new generation of visionary leaders with the courage to implement the changes required. This book is an excellent and timely contribution to advocating action at all levels of society, starting with the individual.” David King
Bending the Curve is not just another book about the climate crisis, but a guide - co-authored by 24 experts - that will help you move from deliberation to action. Whether you are a parent or policy developer, or work for a corporate or civil society organisation, you will find a wealth of practical ideas for making changes at work and in your personal life that will improve the lives of everyone and help to tackle this scourge. There is no time to lose. We all need to get started now

“We are told that we need an elite that ploughs back; that filters down the line to every one of us. Going green used to be a trendy option and a marketing gimmick. Now it has to be a primary purpose. Bending the Curve is a positive step in that direction.” Derek Watts

Bending the Curve was born out of a need for South Africans to have access to better information about how specific sectors of society can contribute to tackling climate change.
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