Monday, February 23, 2009

Barry points out how Ronge the Oscars are about Dark Knight, snubbing Body of Lies...

If you want to find out where the top earners of the year are likely to get their awards, head for the technical section, which is where the films that most people went to see will find their reward. The Dark Knight and Iron Man compete for the Visual Effects Oscar. - Barry Ronge

NVDL: The fact that Dark Knight was not even nominated for best director and best picture says it all. Also not sure if I agree with Penelope Cruz speaking Spanish in a movie and thereby winning an Oscar...?
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Has Hollywood lost sight of its core audience? Or have they just grown bored with the old-fashioned pomposity of the ceremony? Barry Ronge reports

The voters insist they are maintaining high standards, celebrating innovation and applauding exceptional craft. The public, on the other hand, reckons the body is totally out of step with today’s audience on films like The Dark Knight.

The academy has never nominated a fantasy film based on a comic book for Best Film. This year, it looked as if they might. The Dark Knight was not only the most profitable film of the year, it was complex and finely wrought. It earned eight nominations, all in technical categories, and a posthumous nomination for Heath Ledger. But the film itself and director Christopher Nolan did not feature.

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