Tuesday, February 17, 2009

About Me

Hi, thanks for coming.

Every Monday I publish a column titled THE VIEW FROM MY BICYCLE which often also includes video of my thoughts relating to our conundrum. On Wednesday's I publish a counter intuitive piece, something a friend of mine refers to as 'contrarian views' called It's Cool by the Pool - right? Thus far I have been accurate in predicting the current crisis and also the run up of oil and metal prices. I also predicted the stock market crash of 2008, although it was staggered in such a way that few people even today realise that the market did in fact crash (a 30% decline is a crash!)

One of my mentors is James Kunstler. He provides weekly updates to his blog and a podcast (the Kunstlercast) which can be found here on Monday's and Thursday respectively. Well worth following. (see right hand column).

I also eagerly follow folks at TheOilDrum.com, NOIMPACTMAN and Wired.com.

I'm English-speaking, from a Dutch family of artists and artisans, builders, engineers and teachers. I work for a Media Company in Johannesburg, and as a freelance photojournalist. I've worked at The Jupiter Drawing Room CT, PWC, AXXA Sunlife, Hargreaves Lansdowne, AT&T, Mail on Sunday, been published in Sunday Times, Sunday Independent, Rapport, The Times, Cape Times, Sowetan, Financial Mail, Go!, Leisure Wheels, Ride, True Love, Shape, taught ESL in South Korea and Economics in South Africa, done an Ironman, climbed Kili and never published a book.

I've written a few, including HOLIDAY, HALF FULL MOON and have a few works in progress in the works (including The Butcher The Butcher, The Devil Smokes Chesterfield and Christopher Ulysses and the Castle of the Blue Grass).

I'm also a passionate photographer, have had a successful exhibition and am planning another for 2009. I love to shoot pristine natural environments (such as Botswana, Transkei and beach and mountain wildernesses.

I'm a keen cyclist and triathlete.
I don't believe men ever went to the moon, or that multivitamins work, or that heaven is in the afterlife. I believe the world changed fundamentally in 2008 due to Peak Oil, and that we face critical resource limits going into the future.

I believe in the beauty and power of Now. I love writing and cinema and will direct a screenplay soon. I believe that telling stories has a valuable role in building society, and making it into something better than it is.

To find out more, go here.

If you'd like to arrange a photoshoot, or commission a story, find my contact details in the banner box at the top of the page.

Email: nickvanderleek at gmail dot co dot za
Tel: 0729733929

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Nice to meet you Nick, you've done greatcwork on your blog :)

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