Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zimbabwe Impasse due to ANC support of Mugabe

If you follow the news regarding the Zimbabwe scenario, you will notice tacit (but obvious) support for the 84 year old dictator, by hand-holding Mbeki, by Motlanthe attempting to bully Tsvanigirai into 'agreeing without fussing' and you'll notice even Mandela hasn't uttered as much as a harsh word against Bob.

This Power Club thus exposes the real agenda of the political elite in Africa - enrich and enrich, forget about the poor. Of course the slogans at every rally are the opposite - blame the colonials, and then behind the scenes, act in exactly the same way.

I wonder when Africans will wise-up to this ongoing connivance? And once they do, will they be brave enough to do anything about it?
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A lasting solution to Zimbabwe’s problems cannot exclude that country’s leader, Robert Mugabe, Education Minister Naledi Pandor said today.

She was responding in the National Assembly to a call - by African Christian Democratic Party leader Kenneth Meshoe - for Mugabe’s removal because he was a "stumbling block" to any negotiated settlement of Zimbabwe’s political crisis.

I don’t believe it would be possible to have a lasting solution that would exclude Mr Mugabe
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