Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wikipedia to become more like 'traditional media'?

Personally I hope not. Wiki have been a breath of fresh far.
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Wikipedia faces a revolt among thousands of its contributors over proposals to change the way the online encyclopaedia is run.

Until now, Wikipedia has allowed anybody to make instant changes to almost all of its 2,7-million entries, with only a handful of entries protected from being altered.

But under proposals put forward by the website's co-founder, Jimmy Wales, many future changes to the site would need to be approved by a group of editors before going live.

Wales argues the scheme will bring greater accuracy, particularly in articles referring to living people. But the possibility has caused a furore among Wikipedia users, since many see it as a fundamental change to the egalitarian nature of the site.

A user poll on the website suggests 60% are in favour of trials, which could take place within the next few weeks. But some think the split could ultimately threaten the future of the site.
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