Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Warning: There's poison in your food

I am currently reading a book called the Optimum Nutrition Bible. Every day points in the book are confirmed by reality. Huge amounts of poisons are manufactured and sprayed over our food, to preserve it. To sell it in mint condition. The result is that what we buy in the supermarket, if we aren't careful, is toxic to us.

Now we need to pay more and more attention to what we eat, and drink, and what's in it. To not do so, one runs a high risk of contracting any of the cancers. You currently have a 50% risk of contracting heart disease (maintaining current habits). That's high.
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WASHINGTON - Many common foods made using commercial high fructose corn syrup contain mercury as well, researchers reported on Tuesday, while another study suggested the corn syrup itself is contaminated.

Food processors and the corn syrup industry group attacked the findings as flawed and outdated, but the researchers said it was important for people to know about any potential sources of the toxic metal in their food.

In one study, published in the journal Environmental Health, former Food and Drug Administration scientist Renee Dufault and colleagues tested 20 samples of high fructose corn syrup and found detectable mercury in nine of the 20 samples.

Dufault said in a statement that she told the FDA about her findings but the agency did not follow up.

These 55 different foods included barbecue sauce, jam, yogurt and chocolate syrup.

"We found about one out of three had mercury above the detection limit," Wallinga said.

The Corn Refiners Association challenged the findings.
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