Sunday, January 25, 2009

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - MOVIE REVIEW

The bad new is Kate Beckinsale isn't in it. The good news - it's still worth watching.

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The new "Underworld" installment is being touted as the prequel the die-hard fans were demanding. That's super-secret Hollywood code for, "Kate Beckinsale refused to appear no matter how much money was offered." After the abysmal "Underworld: Evolution" from 2006, the prospect of another go-around with werewolves and vampires wasn't welcome, though I have to hand it to the producers for having the sheer balls to replace Beckinsale with Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen, perhaps hoping acting expertise will pull this pointless prequel out of the gutter. The risk pays off for the rickety franchise, with "Rise of the Lycans" a swell, if profoundly trivial return to form for the creaky "Underworld" universe.
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