Friday, January 30, 2009

Is this the most fuel efficient car in the world?

iCrossing went crazy with the campaign, giving the iQ more YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter accounts than a twelve-year-old girl. "It’s a great project to be involved in," wrote iCrossing's Chris Eden.
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Toyota wants to show the world that the too-cute-for-words iQ city car is even thriftier than the window sticker suggests. In order to do so without running afoul of the government, Toyota dispatched two lads on an 18-city hypermiling road trip around England and told them to blog about it.


The iQ is pretty impressive out of the box, returning a Prius-beating 55 mpg — that would be 66 miles per Imperial gallon if you're on that side of the pond. But the guys managed to squeeze an amazing 504.2 miles out of an 8.5-gallon tank of petrol. Do the math and that comes out to 60 mpg (or 72 miles per Imperial gallon).


That's a 9 percent improvement. Pretty sweet, and they didn't even go nuts with the hypermiling.

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