Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Graphic design student Lindy Pelzl wins Durban Soccer Poster Competition - and R20 000

Great picture. It's the sort of style I like to draw, although my images flow more through each other and, are more chaotically colorful and less clear.
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The winner of the R20000 cash prize, Lindy Pelzl – a graphic design student at the Durban University of Technology – secured an opportunity to see her work on display in the City.

Passionate about illustrations, Pelzl’s vision was to capture Durban’s vibe and multi-cultural melting pot with a combination of vivid colours and images.

And this she achieved in a glorious style by choosing a fun colouring-in book style with simple linear lines and dynamic interwoven images representing Durban’s eclectic atmosphere.

The overall theme of the poster is anchored by a soccer ball in the sand, and shows Durban’s location within South Africa.

The children playing football, with a village and huts in the background, represent the city’s passion for football and symbolises how the game is played in any open space with a flat surface – and not just in formal stadiums.

The larger and central players symbolise how football has assisted in unifying the nation.

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It would be nice to see the posters of the runners up?