Monday, January 26, 2009

Cricket down under: SA win 4th ODI by 8 wickets

That makes it 3-1. I think Ozzie have struggled without Bad Boy Symonds.
ANYONE in any doubt Andrew Symonds has taken over the mantel of Australian cricket's biggest boofhead from Shane Warne needs only to listen to the troubled all-rounder's slurring, abusive radio interview to have it confirmed.

By labelling New Zealand star Brendon McCullum "a lump of shit" Symonds has offended many in the cricket world and reinforced to millions beyond these shores their firmly held beliefs about all the worst aspects of Australia and its cricket team.

This is not an unfortunate slip of a tied tongue that helped with the giggles on a funny radio show, but a serious assault on a good bloke and fine cricketer and another kick in the guts for a game which already spends too much time doubled over in pain.

Cricket Australia must act strongly and decisively against Symonds but sacking him would be the worst of all possible options. Symonds clearly still needs help and the cricket community has a duty of care to ensure one of its own is not abandoned in his time of need.

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