Friday, January 23, 2009

The Best Company to Work for - in the world

NVDL: You know what makes it so great? It has common sense. It plugs in its workers, giving their existence/s a point and a purpose. Many companies contrive to do the opposite, to our collective chagrin.
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1. NetApp

What Makes It So Great: How’s this for an unlikely success story: Dave Hitz works as a cowboy, then sells his blood to help pay for Princeton (where he rooms with Jeff Bezos), gets into computers, and in 1992 teams up with James Lau and Michael Malcolm to form a data storage and management company called Network Appliance. Under longtime CEO Dan Warmenhoven, NetApp has survived the dot-com crash, grown at two to three times the storage industry average for four years, and in 2008 hit $3.3 billion in sales.

But it is employee enthusiasm for the legendary egalitarian culture that catapulted NetApp to No. 1 after six years on our list. Says one employee: It feels like "a small startup company instead of a 7,000-plus corporation." Typical of its down-to-earth management ethos, NetApp early on ditched a travel policy a dozen pages long in favor of this maxim: "We are a frugal company. But don’t show up dog-tired to save a few bucks. Use your common sense."
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