Thursday, January 08, 2009

Atheist Bus Campaign ["There's no God, relax"]Gains Converts

Supported by the scientist and author Richard Dawkins, the philosopher A. C. Grayling and the British Humanist Association, among others, the campaign raised nearly $150,000 in four days. Now it has more than $200,000, and on Tuesday it unveiled its advertisements on 800 buses across Britain.

NVDL: I have an idea that God exists and that God doesn't exist. In the sense that God doesn't exist he is not taking a personal interest in our thoughts. But in the magic of the unexplained universe, the mathematics of design, the sophisitcated clockwork of the universe could be called 'God' as Einstein did. But in the simpler sense of God as a human-like protector, that's obviously fanciful (but understandable).
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LONDON — The advertisement on the bus was fairly mild, just a passage from the Bible and the address of a Christian Web site. But when Ariane Sherine, a comedy writer, looked on the Web site in June, she was startled to learn that she and her nonbelieving friends were headed straight to hell, to “spend all eternity in torment.”

That’s a bit extreme, she thought, as well as hard to prove. “If I wanted to run a bus ad saying ‘Beware — there is a giant lion from London Zoo on the loose!’ or ‘The “bits” in orange juice aren’t orange but plastic — don’t drink them or you’ll die!’ I think I might be asked to show my working and back up my claims,” Ms. Sherine wrote in a commentary on the Web site of The Guardian.

And then she thought, how about putting some atheist messages on the bus, as a corrective to the religious ones?

“There’s probably no God,” the advertisements say. “Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

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