Monday, January 26, 2009

Armstrong: I can still race

"This guy is something special, I am totally impressed, he is the complete champion," race director Mike Turtur said.
American Lance Armstrong said he believed he could again compete with the best cyclists in the world after completing his comeback race at the Tour Down Under in Australia.

"I wouldn't say it has given me too much confidence (but) it's given me a reassurance that I can still race," he told reporters.

"I think I can still race at the highest level."

He began cautiously but made a couple of attacking moves in the latter stages of the Tour only to be swamped by the specialist sprinters in the mad dash at the end of each stage.

"It helps when you have good legs, I felt a lot better today, probably the best of the entire week," he said.

"So when you feel good and you've got good legs, you've got to go for it, don't you?"

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