Wednesday, January 28, 2009

America is Crumbling : Physical backbone of American society about to fail [REPORT]

What's that saying about civilisations fail from within...not by an (overhyped) attack from an external threat.
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WASHINGTON – America's roads, public transit and aviation have gotten worse in the past four years. Water and sewage systems are dreadful. The basic physical backbone of American society is barely above failing, a report by top engineers says.

It'll cost $2.2 trillion to fix America's ailing infrastructure, according to highlights of a report being released early, just as the House of Representatives readies its first vote on President Barack Obama's call for a massive economic stimulus spending package.

The country's roads, dumps, dams, bridges, schools and rail systems need lots of that money, say the engineers, who would get a piece of the pie in working on the repairs. Government officials are already aiming billions of dollars at those physical needs as part of what at the moment is a $825 billion economic stimulus package. But the engineers say that's not enough.

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Anonymous said...

Barack Obama has my sympathy - quite daunting to have a whole nation rely on you to "save" their country!
what's that saying ......something about closing the stable gate .....