Monday, January 26, 2009

All we care about is money!

Seems this whole carbon trading thing amounts to little more than another money making scheme. It's only when we care more about the world, and life, that things will ever get better. And that's starting to feel like a long shot hope.
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Workers walk past new construction, near the Xiaoxi hydroelectric dam, built for

XIAOXI, China – The hydroelectric dam, a low wall of concrete slicing across an old farming valley, is supposed to help a power company in distant Germany contribute to saving the climate — while putting lucrative "carbon credits" into the pockets of Chinese developers.

Companies thousands of miles away, such as Germany's coal-burning, carbon dioxide-spewing RWE electric utility, accomplish this by buying carbon credits the U.N. issues to clean-energy projects like Xiaoxi's. The proceeds are meant to make such projects more financially feasible.

As critics point out, however, if those projects were going to be built anyway, the climate doesn't gain, but loses.

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