Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5 steps to establishing a successful Twitter feed for your media company are:

1. Tap somebody within your organisation to man your Twitter feed
2. Post only your most interesting features and breaking news items to the feed
3. Use an informal style and limit posts to one or two every couple of hours
4. Follow your followers in turn to ensure viral marketing for your Twitter account
5. Promote your Twitter URL on your website - from MarkLives.com

NVDL: Problem is some editors and companies remain so old school they either don't want to know about technologies they don't know about or don't want their staff mixed up in things they know even less about. And they are the decionmakers. Thus the innovators and fast-adopters will win (which is the law of the net isn't it).
clipped from www.marklives.com
At the moment media sites are making four major mistakes.
1. They post as much of their content as they can onto Twitter. Users, feeling flooded by content, are forced to unsubscribe
2. They don’t have a human manning the account - they link to an auto feed. Auto feeds can be appropriate as mini-aggregators for networks such as CAB or can be used in tandem with a human operator. The best examples of Twitter use by a media organisation have them tap a staff member to post friendly intros (rather than simply headlines) that pulls in readers.
3. They don’t promote their Twitter account to their readers.
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