Sunday, December 14, 2008

Northeastern US struggles to keep the lights on

"My plan is to go home and see how long I can stand it. If the power isn't back on by tonight, I'll come back here. It's so cold I can only stand it for so long."
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Highway crews gather with chain saws as they keep working to clear roads in

CONCORD, N.H. – Temperatures fell over the ice-coated Northeast on Saturday, where storm-related power failures had already plunged more than a million homes and businesses from Pennsylvania to Maine into the dark and cold.

"If you don't have power, assume that you will not get it restored today, and right now make arrangements to stay someplace warm tonight," Gov. John Lynch of hardest-hit New Hampshire warned.

About 1.4 million homes and businesses across the Northeast suffered power outages after a storm coated trees and wires with ice Thursday night into Friday. Most of the outages were in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and New York. Somewhere around 800,000 appeared to remain without power Saturday evening, although some utilities weren't regularly updating their numbers or were reporting combined outages for multistate territories.

Four states declared either limited or full states of emergency.

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