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Kidman Breaks Didgeridoo Taboo - SKY [INCLUDES AUSTRALIA TRAILER]

In the movie Australia the filmmaker - Baz Luhrmann - goes out of his way to reach out to the Aboriginals. This sort of movie ought to be applauded in South Africa.

It's sad that you then get a sort of Aboriginal backlash from Green (an Aboriginal language teacher) when the Aboriginals are finally getting their stories told. Yes, we need to be sensitive to one another's culture, but we can also tolerate the things other culture's do in ignorance. Maybe an Aboriginal woman would go sterile (from stress) but surely people from other cultures, male and female, ought to be allowed to take an interest? And I am sure Kidman had good intentions, and isn't that what counts?

Bickering about this sort of thing when there is a mainstream opportunity to embrace different cultures doesn't do those possibilities any good.
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Nicole Kidman

The Oscar winner blew into the traditional instrument while promoting her latest film Australia on a German television show.

Co-star Hugh Jackman laughed and danced on one leg while she played during their appearance on Wetten, Dass...?

But Ms Kidman's performance upset members of the Aboriginal community, who say she should know that the didgeridoo is taboo for women.

"People are going to see Nicole playing it and think it's all right," actor, screenwriter and Aboriginal language teacher Richard Green told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"It bastardises our culture. I will guarantee she has no more children. It is not meant to be played by women as it will make them barren."

The star suffered an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage during her previous marriage to Tom Cruise.

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