Friday, December 12, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Naked - is it just me or is Jen getting hotter?

Jennifer Aniston is looking GREAT at 39. Most women might have crumbled into a blubbery mess if they'd lost their man to a supervamp like Angelina Jolie. All credit to the still-girlish Aniston who maintains qualities of sweet, feminine, good-natured innocence. In comparison, Jolie is a more formidable, more intimidating sexual force, but somewhat less charming or accessible.

Brad has had the best of both worlds...

NEW YORK Jennifer Aniston wears a tie - and nothing else - on the January cover of GQ magazine.

Joking about the relentless media coverage of herself, ex-husband Brad Pitt and Pitt's partner Angelina Jolie, Aniston tells the magazine: "The funny thing is that people don't realize we all go away to the Hamptons on the weekends."

As for Jolie's past remarks about falling for Pitt on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," Aniston says: "No daggers through the heart. I laugh. Am I surprised? ... Considering the source, nothing surprises me."

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