Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hamas' hatred of Israel = shooting itself in the foot

You have got to wonder what Hamas has to gain by lobbing missiles (unguided) into Israel, and then having their buildings blown apart by precision guided missiles. Maybe it is just a blind hatred - and hatred doesn't mind what it destroys, even itself.
clipped from news.yahoo.com
Rocket kills Israeli

In Monday's attacks, Israel focused its bombing on the houses of Hamas field operatives in a campaign meant to tear at the roots of the extremist group ruling Gaza. Israel's defense minister promised a "war to the bitter end against Hamas" and allied militants.

Early Tuesday, Israeli aircraft dropped at least 16 bombs on five Hamas government buildings in a Gaza City complex, destroying them, setting fires and sending rubble flying for hundreds of yards, witnesses said. Rescue workers said 40 people were injured.

Palestinians carry a wounded man after an Israeli missile strike hit the home of

Early Tuesday, Hamas released a statement saying its squads had fired 43 homemade rockets, 17 longer-range Grads and six mortar shells at Israel. Other militant groups also fired rockets at Israel.

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