Monday, December 29, 2008

Excellent Police Work Halves Holiday Road Deaths - WHAT HOGWASH!

I drove 2400km this holiday and encountered virtually no traffic police. I was driving with an expired license disk so I was concerned that I might be stopped. Since moving to Gauteng I've not been 100% sure where and how to get a new one (I assume you need to get a new license plate as well?).

Want to know the real reason for the lower death tolls? Simple. Far fewer people could afford to go on holiday this year in SA, which simply means there were far fewer vehicles on the road to begin with. QED.
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Johannesburg - The festive season road accident death toll has been nearly halved in 2008, down to 774 fatalities compared to last year's 1 474, the transport department said on Monday.

"Seven hundred and seventy four people have died from 596 reported crashes on our roads," said spokesperson Collen Msibi.

The statistics referred to the month of December to date.

"The decrease is attributed to heightened enforcement operations and heavy traffic police presence on our roads since the start of the festive season."

Of those that died on South African roads, 222 were drivers, 307 were passengers and 245 pedestrians.

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