Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Budget Travel Tips for Brits

Exchange rates make it cheaper for Brits to travel on the cheap. South Africa is particularly good value (once you get there.)

Travel bargains 2009: Cheapest destinations and money-saving tips

Austria, ski chalet

While the pound has plunged against the euro and US dollar, for a few currencies the exchange rate has actually improved for UK travellers. So get thee to Iceland, where the collapse of the krona has cut the previously astronomical cost of hotels, meals and drinks for British visitors by a third.

If Iceland sounds a bit dark and chilly, how about South Africa? The falling value of the rand against the pound means day-to-day costs are 10% cheaper than a year ago. Also consider a trip Down Under, as the Australian and New Zealand dollars haven't moved much against sterling.

Istanbul, Turkey

I've picked out France because it can be very cheap to get there. You can take the car and family, and all your clobber, across the Dover Straits for about £50 return out of season, or £100 even in the summer months - a fraction of the likely cost of flying your family anywhere.

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