Monday, December 15, 2008

Best Budget Cameras [Under $300]

Get the Canon SD880 IS, if it’s in stock; its speed, design and quality tower above the also-rans. The Panasonic and the Fujifilm tie for second. No, these three don’t cost anywhere near $300 — but when you see their photos, it’s easy to pretend. - David Pogue
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Canon Powershot SD880 IS ($252). This camera has a 4X zoom, wide-angle lens. Customizable top button; it can be a Movie button so you don’t have to change modes for video. Huge, bright three-inch screen, but too bad there’s no optical viewfinder.

Gorgeous and solid. Controls are beautifully thought-out. New processor chip makes this camera very fast. Not many gimcracks, but wow, those photos — in any kind of light, they have a presence, detail and vibrancy that puts the other cameras to shame.

Doggone that Canon. It wins this contest every single year. C’mon, people — where’s the suspense?


Nikon Coolpix S610 ($197). Small, light and inexpensive, nice brushed-metal case. 4X zoom. Active Child mode in this camera supposedly tracks your children even if they move briefly out of the frame. Photos much better than in previous years — some behind-the-scenes efforts paying off?

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