Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running for Your Life - Physical training, good diet and longevity are all tied together - PLUS PODCAST

A day is either a day that you went running, or didn't go running

Why running? Running is the most accessible exercise and arguably the cheapest. It can be done almost anywhere, with the minimum of infrastructure. People who complain that they are susceptible to injury should start off taking long walks.


One of the most powerful and underestimated effects of exercise in general, and running in particular, is its capacity to provide stress relief and flush out depression. Depression is associated with physical inactivity by numerous authors.

Running is a cheap and effective treatment, but requires at least a spark of motivation or a glimmer of will from the depressed person. Once established, this capillary of power can be enlarged (by training with more discipline and regularity) into a major energizing channel.

If depression is associated with physical inactivity, the opposite is therefore that being fit makes us happy. Being healthy makes us happy. Being thin and looking good helps us to enjoy ourselves.

- Running for Your Life by Nicholas van der Leek (Read by Claire George) 

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